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The Dropped Stitch

Wahoo! We are celebrating our 5th anniversary 

What's New at The Dropped Stitch

$108 plus shipping

Shipped November 15th if ordered before November 1st

Advent Adventure @ The Dropped Stitch

’Twas the 24 days of advent and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring not even a ……

All snug in my covers in my comfy warm bed,

I had visions of needles and yarn dancing in my head

I woke with a start saying, “Advent us here & Christmas is near”.

Thinking of the new adventure made me shout with holiday cheer

With needles in hand, I’m following the plan

To open Day 1 and make Christmas so grand

So join us each day as we open our treasures

And follow the pattern to give us all pleasure

Hang your creation you make with joy and elation

Or give it away as a Christmas decoration

As this poem comes to an end I’d like to share with family & friends

The hope of Christmas that never ends

So knit away, knit away, knit away all

And sign up today by text or a call ~ 303.905.5418