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What Clients Have to Say

Read the reviews given by our clients at The Dropped Stitch in Pine, Colorado. For more details about our classes, feel free to leave us a message using the inquiry form on the Contact Us page.

My name is Marti Miller and I started knitting 7 years ago. Knitting was very intimidating to me and it came with many challenges to say the least. 

Living just a few miles from Debbie Gilbert, who is an avid, well-respected knitter, I would stop by when I needed help; maybe a dropped stitch that needed picked up, a pattern I didn’t understand or just mere frustration on a project, she was eager to help me overcome my obstacles. 

She infused confidence in me even before I had confidence in myself. One thing that impacted me greatly was during one of our visits she approached me with a skein of yarn and said, “You’re going to learn how to knit a pair of socks.” 

Being the reluctant knitter that I was, that blew my socks off! Her patient ability to teach and willingness to persevere with me was the result of a pair of hand-knit socks that I proudly adorn!

Since then, I’ve taken several classes that Debbie has taught and have learned innumerable lessons in knitting under her watchful eye. She is patient, kind, soft spoken and very generous with her time and talents.

I would recommend Debbie to any “start to finish knitter.” She will see you through and impact you with confidence and assurance in an art that is now a treasure to me.


Marti Miller

(January 14, 2016)

Do I recommend

I had a project that I didn’t HBO get to start till August that I HAD to have done by Christmas. It was a Christmas stocking for my grandson that was a copy of one that my mother made for me over 50 years ago. 

It was very difficult and way over my knitting ability. Debbie assisted me on several occasions as Christmas approached, was very helpful, patient, and encouraged me throughout the project.

It was very important to me that I get it done, and Debbie went above and beyond helping me to get it finished on time! I highly recommend Debbie to help you with any projects that you want to tackle. She is a fantastic knitter and makes some beautiful sweaters.

Robyn Frye

(January 2016)

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